Backflow is simply the reversal of the normal flow of potable water. It can be harmful or deadly if chemicals or bacteria are back-siphoned into the potable water through a cross-connection with a non-potable source.

Backflow devices are used in fire sprinkler suppression systems, Lawn irrigation sprinkler systems, and domestic water for all residential and commercial buildings when required based on local plumbing code.

Backflow devices are all around us in everyday life, but most people have never seen one or know nothing or little about them. Domestic water mains feed our buildings; water is then used for the fire suppression systems, lawn irrigation systems, manufacturing equipment, commercial equipment, hair solons, dentist and medical offices, etc. Since the clean supplied water pipe feeds are connected too so many different applications in our everyday life’s, then the protection of a backflow device is needed. Backflow devices are installed to keep all the different applied applications from contaminating the water supply through backflow and or back pressure, protecting the water mains and drinking water.

Backflow is when a difference in water pressure or the change of water pressure throughout a section of pipe connected to other pipes. The change in pressure on a connected sealed system can cause water to flow backwards. When you turn the faucet on this is called the intended direction of flow. Backflow is when the difference in water pressure changes in a sealed water system and causes the flow of water backwards away from you, known as the wrong intended direction. This action will cause a siphon and pull and push water. When a pull out spray nozzle is left in a full sink of dirty water, in the event of a backflow could result in the chemicals or waste products in the sink to be pulled into the water pipes, then into the water service feeding that building then into the water main which then feeds other buildings. Resulting in other buildings connected to the same water system the risk of getting contaminated water. Backflow is also when you leave your garden house in your pool and in the event of a backflow, the pool water will be sucked into the system and contaminate the system by a siphon effect.