Backflow preventer valves are essential components of any plumbing system, designed to protect public health and safety by preventing contaminated water from flowing back into the clean water supply. However, these valves can be vulnerable to theft, vandalism, and weather and environmental damage if they are not properly protected. That’s why many facilities managers and property owners are turning to Guardian Enclosures as a solution to ensure their backflow preventer valves are protected and functioning properly.

To better understand the benefits of Guardian Enclosures, we want to take a closer look at a real-world case study of a facility that has installed Guardian Enclosures to protect their backflow preventer valves.

The Case Study: A Large Industrial Park

The industrial park is a large complex made up of multiple buildings and is located in a high-crime area. The park had several backflow preventer valves located throughout the property, and due to their location, they were at a high risk of theft, vandalism, and weather and environmental damage. The facility management team was concerned about the safety of their water supply and the costs associated with replacing stolen or damaged backflow preventer valves.

The Solution: Guardian Enclosures

The facility management team chose Guardian Enclosures as their solution for protecting their backflow preventer valves. Guardian Enclosures are made from durable steel and expanded metal, making them resistant to theft, vandalism, and weather and environmental damage. Additionally, Guardian Enclosures are fully customizable, allowing the facility management team to choose the size, color, and locking mechanism that best suited their needs.

The Results: Increased Security and Peace of Mind

Since installing the Guardian Enclosures, the industrial park has experienced a significant decrease in the theft and vandalism of their backflow preventer valves. The heavy-duty steel construction of the enclosures has deterred would-be thieves, and the locking mechanisms have prevented unauthorized access. The park’s water supply remains protected, providing the facility management team with peace of mind.

In addition to increased security, the industrial park has also experienced cost savings. With the Guardian Enclosures in place, the facility management team no longer has to worry about the costs associated with replacing stolen or damaged backflow preventer valves.


This case study highlights the many benefits of installing Guardian Enclosures to protect your backflow preventer valves. From increased security to cost savings, Guardian Enclosures provide a durable and customizable solution to protecting your water supply. So, whether you’re managing a large industrial park or a single-family home, Guardian Enclosures are an investment in the safety and security of your water supply.